Pre – race
To enter the event, competitors are required to present a My Vaccine Pass in their name at the time of collecting their race packs. No pass, no race pack, no exceptions.
Those who require others to collect their race pack or those who have made special arrangements to have a race pack couriered will need to contact us at prior to February 5th 2022 to arrange vaccine status verification . They will also need to provide a physical address if to be couriered.
Travel to the start
Competitors will need to wear their race number bib on the front chest area and clearly viewable to gain access to the buses. (Vaccine passes are not required to access the buses)
Post – race
Competitors at the finish line will be given a security wrist band that allows them access into the prizegiving and Victoria Square function area which will be fully fenced off.
Supporters are required to present a My Vaccine Pass at the gate entries in order to access the prizegiving and Victoria Square function area (only those over 12 years 3 months old) They will also receive a security wrist band so that they can come and go freely throughout the day.
All attending must comply with sign in/contract tracing requirements.
Masks are encouraged where practicable and there are no social distancing requirements.


Under the red COVID19 Protection Framework, there can only be 100 competitors per defined space at 1 metre social distancing. Under those circumstances, we are unable to operate and will cancel or postpone the event until an orange or green level is reached.


Can my race pack be sent out by mail or courier?
If there are special circumstances where it is too difficult for competitors to physically get to Westport for race pack pickup, arrangements can be made with race management to courier out packs a week before the event. This is limited to select cases.

Can I collect someone else’s race pack?
Yes, providing you have arranged it prior to February 5th on our website by providing a copy of the “my vaccine passes” for every participant you wish to collect a race pack on behalf of. You will be given a token number that can be presented at race pack pickup.

Will it be mandatory to wear masks?
Face coverings are encouraged throughout the race weekend including on the buses and in the public areas at prize giving. They are not mandatory under the orange COVID19 Protection Framework.

Can myself or my family leave Victoria Square and then return again for prizegiving?
Absolutely. You will all be issued with a security wrist band to allow this when first entering the Square.

Will I get my money back if the event is cancelled?
Our policy is to refund 80% of the entry fee should the event be cancelled. If the event is postponed, the entry fee will be transferred to the new date for those wishing to still compete, and 80% refunded for those who don’t.